Psychology Products for Purchase – Mark Taylor Psychology

Hello – Mark here. I thought it time I provided affordable resources for people to use, irrespective of where they live. Remember, if you have ongoing difficulties, it may be time to seek professional advice. I hope you like this service, and all purchases are done using Paypal’s Payhip service. best wishes, Mark.

New! I want to… learn mindfulness¬†


Resources for everyone:

A. Confidence Boosters and Resilience Tips from psychological science booklet – (Amazon) – $9.95 AUD

1. Anger Diary – $2.00 AUD

2. Sleep Diary – $4.00 AUD

3. Relaxation Diary – $3.00 AUD

4. Positive Diary – $2.00 AUD

5. Behavioural Activation Diary – $3.00 AUD

6. My Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Workbook – $20.00 AUD

Resources for parents/students:

1. Weekly Planner (2 weeks) for all activities including homework – – $2.00 AUD

Psychology Guides for everyone:

1. Anger Management Guide – $19.95 AUD

2. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Guide – $9.95 AUD

Resources for Therapists:

1. Psychology Session Form Summary – $2.00 AUD

Please note: clients who I am seeing do not need to purchase these products. They will be provided as required.
best wishes,