Psychological Assessments – Learning, Cognitive & Behavioural, including ADHD

Hello, my name is Mark Taylor. I am a registered psychologist in the ACT. Mash & Barkley (2003) note that models/formulations of child psychopathology (if present) seek to incorporate the role of a) evolved mechanisms; b) neuro-biological factors; c) early parent-child relationships; d) attachment/bonding processes within the family; e) micro and macro-social influences; f) cultural factors; g) age; h) gender; and i) reactions from the environment.

I have extensive experience doing psychological assessments for children, adolescents & adults.

Typically such assessments include:
– clinical interview;
– school observation, & home observations (should it be required);
– administration of relevant psychometric inventories;
– administration of relevant cognitive assessment instruments (based on the achievement-discrepancy method);
– consideration of relevant diagnostic criteria as per the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual Fifth Edition (DSM-5);
– provision of a professionally written assessment report; &
– face-to-face debrief about the report.

Please call me or email me if you would like to boom an assessment, or if you have more questions:
– 0467 087 300


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