About Mark!

1200x250_cloudsMark is a registered Psychologist and is registered as a Medicare provider, and in relation to veterans, “DVA Health Cards (Gold and White), are accepted as payment upon a GP referral”.

Mark is a full Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). Mark was also awarded the APS Student prize for his study in the Master of Clinical Psychology Program (2013) (the link to the 2013 APS College awards recipients is here @ http://www.psychology.org.au/inpsych/2014/april/2013CollegeAwards/) Mark’s fees are in accordance with the APS Schedule of recommended fees, and are provided at a considerable discount for the benefit of clients in what are difficult financial times for many Australians.  Mark works on Tuesdays, as well as into the evening, and Saturday mornings (if/as required due to holidays/family/work commitments etc., & subject to room availability).

To make an appointment to see Mark, he can be contacted by phone on 0467 087 300, or via email at markomarkot@hotmail.com

image About Mark Taylor: Mark is a clinically trained psychologist who conducts evidence-based individual therapy with adults and adolescents primarily in the areas of depression, anxiety, & personal relationships while also specialising in cognitive and behavioural assessment reports for children and adolescents.

Mark has worked in private practice since early 2014 as a fully-registered psychologist, as well as a variety of community and clinical settings, with a range of clinical populations (young children, adolescents, adults and older Australians), as a provisional psychologist (in the Master of Clinical Psychology program) at the University of Canberra. While working in private practice & undertaking training as part of the University’s Master of clinical psychology program (2012 to 2013), he has gained considerable experience in conducting Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, assisting with Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments, learning disorder assessments (including dyslexia screening assessments), conduct of Personality Assessment Inventories (for adults & adolescents), facilitating group therapy sessions (anxiety and insomnia), and working with families and their children/adolescents in relation to anger management, oppositional behaviour and social skills amongst other skills.

1200x250_cloudsMark is Rogerian in his approach to therapy (unconditional positive regard) & has approximately 30 years work experience as a middle-level public servant and former Australian Army officer (Australian Defence Medal recipient) and he holds a Bachelor of Arts (English and History), a Graduate Diploma in Business Information Technology, a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science Psychology (Hons), and a Masters in Clinical Psychology. While completing his studies, Mark has also been the recipient of the Dean’s Excellence Award. Mark was also awarded the Student prize for his study in the Master of Clinical Psychology Program (2013).

Mark is also on Linked In @ https://www.linkedin.com/profile/preview?locale=en_US&trk=prof-0-sb-preview-primary-button&_mSplash=1

Demonstrating a commitment to ongoing research, Mark regular attends professional develpment meetings & webinars, & also posts articles on his blog. Mark is at present also completing a research paper for publication about the elements which constitute therapeutic space and facilitate effective therapy. Mark’s other areas of professional interest include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing, and Positive Psychology so as to assist other people have well-being & live a rewarding & fulfilling life.

The majority of my new business comes from referrals from existing clients.

I would be grateful if you would pass my contact details on to anyone that you thought

                    might benefit from my range of professional psychological services.  Thank you.

“Psychology” comes from the ancient Greek word, “psyche”, meaning soul or mind; “logia” meaning study or account.


Mark Taylor Psychology remains free & takes me many hours a month to research & write, as well as a considerable financial investment to maintain & sustain given the hundreds upon hundreds of posts made to date about all things psychology.

If you find anything of interest or value in what I do here at Mark Taylor Psychology, please consider making a donation when you can in whatever amount you can afford.

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Thank you for your interest in, & contribution to, Mark Taylor Psychology – now also on https://www.pinterest.com/marktaylorpsych/


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