Habits young men can develop to avoid loneliness later in life ABC Life / By Kellie Scott

Link to article here & full article reproduced here & @ https://www.abc.net.au/life/habits-to-help-you-avoid-loneliness-later-in-life/10554144?fbclid=IwAR2jhLWIF-hl4dRJuP_IqRC2v-St8E6JNLm1lhVIaXdotn85KXQ9QF2CM0o

“One year ago, I separated from my wife and now I have no friends.”

After we published the first stories in our social isolation series, reader Daniel wrote to share his experience.

It was one of many similar emails we received from men, who spoke of loneliness after a major life event such as a relationship breakdown, a job loss, or the death of a partner.

Plenty of research shows men make friends less easily than women, and take part in fewer social activities.

And it is something worth knowing if you’re a young man, as it can worsen with age.

The impacts can be devastating, with extensive research showing that this kind of isolation correlates to higher levels of depression and anxiety.

“Ladies normally run our social network, so when you guys disappear we are stuffed,” says Australian Men’s Shed Association project officer Stuart Torrance.

As well as a couple’s social network largely “belonging to the wife”, Mr Torrance says men operate in networks that diminish over time.


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