Lesson – Resilience (The ability to bounce back/Bounce forward from tough times)

Lesson – Resilience (The ability to bounce back/Bounce forward from tough times)

– Resilience is not about keeping emotions inside
– Resilience is about expressing how you feel
– Then moving forward
– Learning how to control your emotions enables you to move forward with a plan of action

Activity – what would it:
– Look like to be resilient?
– Feel like to be resilient?
– Sound like to be resilient?

Ways to deal with anger
– remember is a normal & adaptive emotion
– it is often accompanied by tension/heat in the body
1) recognise the warning signs: Pounding heart; Gritting teeth; Sweating; Tight chest; Shaking; Anxiety; Raising your voice; Being snappy; Temporarily losing your sense of humour; Pacing; Being overly critical of someone; Getting a flash of a bad mood; Feeling argumentative
2) Work out why you are feeling angry
– Sometimes it is normal to feel angry (If someone is being treated unfairly)
– If you are not sure reflect and try and pinpoint why
– Other reasons you may feel angry include: Being under pressure; Experiencing bodily or hormonal changes that cause mood swings; You’re frustrated with how your life is going.
3) Write it down – perspective-taking
4) Count to a 100 so you do not blow a fuse (it also helps you gather your thoughts)
5) Press pause
– Anger often makes it impossible to do something in a helpful &/or productive way
– walk away (literally or in your mind)
6) Move / exercise your body to let off steam
7) Talk to someone
8) Take time to relax and do things you enjoy

Sources: https://schools.au.reachout.com/-/media/schools/files/pdf/building-resilience-in-young-people.pdf?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=181127_SCH_WB5_DM_HumanAlphabet&utm_content=181127_SCH_WB5_DM_HumanAlphabet+CID_e3a60be1121ab5fcbcf72e875920368b&utm_source=emailCM&utm_term=Download%20the%20resource & https://au.reachout.com/articles/8-ways-to-deal-with-anger


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