‘I made sure I never broke in front of him’: Bosses who bully workers and make them cry – Patty, A: 2018

  • A new survey conducted by Roy Morgan shows that
    • one in four respondents said their boss had made them cry.
    • One in five said they had felt uncomfortable after receiving an inappropriate remark from a boss and
    • one in three had felt bullied.
  • The State of Work Report commissioned by workplace relations consultant firm Employsure surveyed more than 600 people.
  • the issue of favouritism by sector in the Australian economy is also cited
  • A new Safework survey also reveals that 25 per cent of NSW public sector workers have witnessed bullying at work and 13 per cent have been subjected to bullying themselves. The 2018 study was based on 170,832 responses.




Repost of article obtained on FB @ https://www.canberratimes.com.au/business/workplace/i-made-sure-i-never-broke-in-front-of-him-bosses-who-bully-workers-and-make-them-cry-20181028-p50chh.html?fbclid=IwAR14tZGzQciE9GE2JMj5KdYkbIVE30FbdcQ4_AMsLYn1v3eE-0SNBen6bUg


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