Irritability and anger – bipolar disorder

Full BP magazine article here @ – including how to subscribe [note: I am not affiliated with them, but love reading their articles]


#1 Control stress

  • stress is a major bipolar trigger,
  • aim to simplify your work and personal life to relieve stress
    • this may including changing careers
    • sharing household responsibilities.

#2 Avoid alcohol and non-prescription drugs

  • Alcohol and sedatives can provoke depression
  • drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine and amphetamines can trigger mania.
    • all interfere with sleep and
    • all can have interaction effects with your medication to manage bipolar disorder.
    • Remember even social drinking can upset your state of emotions and set off irritable moods.

#3 Maintain a consistent sleep schedule

  • strive to go to bed and awaken the same time each and every day.
  • Getting a good night’s rest is crucial for regulating emotion, impulsivity, irritability, as well other important jobs such as cognitive functioning.
  • Be aware that getting too much sleep (hypersomnia), as well as not enough (insomnia) can both impact mood.
  • healthy sleep has been shown to decrease the risk for relapse.

#4 Get outside

  • Remember the healing properties of nature! Any activity in nature —especially in a forest—helps your mind and creates endorphins that fight irritability, stress and depression.
  • Getting out of the house and into the outdoors will increase your oxygen intake and at the same time give you a fresh perspective.

#5 Practice mindfulness

  • Try not to get wrapped up in the problems of the past or the stresses of the future and instead focus on the present.
  • Notice what you’re experiencing, moment-to-moment, without judging whether it’s good or bad.
  • Ground your awareness in the present moment and simply notice your thoughts, even if they’re negative.
  • You may find that your pressing urge diminishes as you discover a moment of peace.

#6 Find a positive outlet for your anger

  • Physical exercise
  • Others have found that when things escalate, taking a pen to paper to journal these emotions helps.

#7 Rest and relaxation

  • bath
  • coloring,
  • listening to soothing music, or
  • watching a comedy special.
    • The point is to do something out of the ordinary but that does not demand much mental stimulation. Take some much-deserved rest and relaxation.

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