Override (how to control my mind)

Override (how to control my mind)

– program begins by talking to a woman who describes herself as a “bit of a worrier” with a “butterfly brain” because she is easily distracted / prone to procrastination
– she found people who meditate as being a “bit smug” – so she didn’t want to do it
– she was also sceptical about brain training games (a billion dollar industry based on neuroplasticity)
– minds wander – that is what they do

How to improve attention?
– cognitive training (using the right side of the brain)
– & electro-stimulation of the left hand side of the brain
– dorsal attention network – the part of the brain involved in focus
– default mode network – the mind wandering part of attention
– the optimal attention zone is – having focus & allowing some mind-wandering to come in
– the idea is to know when you are in the zone – feels similar to working in something challenging (but neither too hard or too easy)
– it is a relax and ready strategy/approach – rather an struggling/fighting

How to improve anxiety management?
– anxiety is bad for a person because it robs them of processing power to control impulses
– it also represents a cognitive load for a person & takes away brain power/resources to do things you want to be doing
– anxiety also widens focus – because you are always looking for danger/threat while also anxiety narrows focus – attentional resources are on the anxiety / anxious feelings, again taking away from cognitive resources for other things
– our brains focus on particular things in an environment (often reinforcing our anxiety) – often these “unconscious biases” are negative & we are trying to move our thinking instead to a more positive (& more realistic) cognitive position
– training – to re-train our (negative) cognitive biases (e.g. Picking out the single smiley face in a group of 50 – doing these day after day for months – to eventually feel more socially at ease)
– you have to keep at anxiety management over a long period of time

How to improve creativity?
– broad focus, not slightly in the room – let the mind wander
[she believes it is knowing which state of mind to apply to which particular task]

How to improve spatial navigation? – 2 strategies –
1) you navigate based on where you are (more predominant in females)
2) you build a mental map in your mind (more predominant in males)

How to improve numeracy skills?
– brain stimulation – to reduce emotional inputs saying you can’t do it

EEG Headbands – you can purchase to see /track the state you are in – a simplified form of neuro feedback in the home

– whatever you find works,you have to keep them going – life change, not a quick fix
– knowing states required for particular tasks
– relaxed & ready
– self-compassion – berating yourself for particular states is unhelpful – in fact particular states can be useful for stress management, being creative etc.,
– meditation/mindfulness – overcome skepticism
– get rid of anxiety – not good for brain

Source: AITM | ABCRN Podcast: 29 January 2017


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