Helping a Stressed-Out Child | How can parents help during stressful assessment times?

Helping a Stressed-Out Child
– find out more – what is causing the most anxiety:
– is it tests & exams?
– is it planning & managing a workload?
– is it a particular subject?
– mum, dad, teacher – do they know?
– what actions can the school do?
– multiple strategies – over time – see Study Skills Handbook site

Source: Study Samurai Podcast | 14 June 2018

How can parents help during stressful assessment times?

– stress & preparation are linked
– study notes
– lifestyle is very important part of successful study & “makes an enormous difference to results”:
– healthy eating (including healthy snacks & drinks)
– drinking water
– sleep
– exercise
– time for relaxation
– take care of physical health:
– stress during exams and assignment periods can take an enormous toll on the body
– all of the above assists better cognitive/thinking function – it also assists in the management of stress
– sacrificing sleep is not good because sleep is involved in memory consolidation
– ask students what they need from you & what you can do
– help with revision / re-reading / timetables
– offer to buy stationery
– help them keep positive
– encourage them to do their best – without pressure – so they can be proud of their own effort
– encourage pride /acknowledgment of achievement
– praise effort not results / avoid negative appraisal /criticism
[remember there are multiple pathways to get where they want to go]
– Keep communication lines open – listen
– arrange a weekly meeting
– remember: you can be a target for their anger – it is not personal
– help them manage stress / acknowledge feelings

Source: Study Samurai Podcast | 14 June 2018


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