Boosting Student Resilience with Dr Diana Brecher

Boosting Student Resilience with Dr Diana Brecher

– millennial burnout – 17 to 25 – too much to cope with – suicide seems an option for some
– hence the focus on advocacy for them, & positive ways to cope with lifestyle, academic, financial pressures etc., – so better able to cope
– the need is to support students & their Wellbeing
– how to bring principles of resiliency into the classroom:
– mindfulness – being present (not ruminating; being in an imagined future that hasn’t happened/ or going over the past & being self-critical – she calls it “time-travelling”)
– gratitude – notice the good stuff – take it to heart – be appreciative by paying attention (it is an antidote for entitlement – & can be applied with children)
– optimism
– Seligman’s learned optimism: 6 questions (to shift mindset from a default negative frame of reference to positive – who else is responsible for why something bad happened – to share responsibility rather than own it all – what about the role of bad luck?)
– self-compassion – loving kindness meditation
– self-compassion – not beating yourself up for not coping
– Duckworth’s perseverance & “personal model of resilience” (translating where this worked into other areas of your life)
– and what are your personal strengths / character strengths
[creativity – being adaptable – is required in all steps – approaching things in new ways – more flexibility & empowerment – & being more positive]
[people can influence their own happiness by up to 40%]

Source: The Psychology Podcast | Podcast date: 13 April 2017


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