Worry Time – schedule it | Beck Institute – CBT

It’s helpful to collaborate with clients to set aside worry time. Worry time is a predetermined period of time that clients devote to their worries. This helps clients utilize the rest of their time without worrying and teaches them that worry is controllable.


  • do an experiment – set up a daily worry time
    • this is a pre-determine 10 to 30 minute worry period for which they can worry about anything they like
    • therapists are encouraged to be collaborative and ask clients how much time they would like
  • when it is not worry time, clients are asked to postpone worry
  • the following are reasons why clients are asked to set aside worry time:
    • GAD clients have typically spent a lot of time worrying everyday (and often for large parts of the day)
    • worry time provides proof to clients that their belief that worry is uncontrollable is actually untrue
      • in non-worry periods, clients are asked to use CBT skills to disengage from the worry – in other words they control worry
    • clients test their belief that worry is dangerous by doing a behavioural experiment during worry time
      • does the outcome they fear actually occur or not.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/cognitivetherapy/videos/1860895357351531/UzpfSTEwMDAwODI2OTQxMjA0ODoyMTk3NjYyMDIzODUyNzU3/?id=100008269412048


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