CBT helps clients evaluate their negative and unhelpful thinking, and change their thinking so it better reflects reality.


  • CBT is not just positive thinking
  • CBT is also not just about repeating global positive affirmations to themselves
    • for e.g. “I am great” etc.,
  • After all some negative cognitions are accurate
    • in such cases, seeing experience in unrealistic, positive ways would be unhelpful
  • CBT is about evaluating thoughts/cognitions – and if needed – changing thinking so it reflects reality
  • it should be noted that when clients are in distress, getting clients to think realistically is usually in a positive direction (but… not always)
  • But when clients are in states of mania or hypomania, thinking realistically is typically always in a negative direction

Source: Beck Institute @ https://psychwire.com/beck/resources/quick-tips10


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