Model Parenting Agreement

Model Parenting Agreement

– Decisions: Medical | Educational | Legal | MENTAL HEALTH |
– Emergency Contact
– Physical care, Regular Schedule & Conflicts in Scheduling
– School calendar care; Weekend Care; School holiday care, including Easter & Christmas
– Parent birthdays
– Children’s birthdays
– Transportation responsibilities: Including scheduling of exchanges
– Notice of moves (by either parent)
– Potential visits by other parent | Means of child’s visit (Including escorts)
– Information about events and activities relevant to the child, including:
– School programs, concerts, award ceremonies, plays, sports events etc.,
– Report cards, school calendars, school pictures, copies of awards, programs from events and activities that the child is involved in
– Changes to agreement
– Parent remarks & behaviours so child is not burdened with:
– bad comments & behaviours about other parent (No badmouthing, criticising, rolling eyes, being sarcastic or disrespectful in the presence of the child (Or allowing others to)
– Children are not to be used as messengers between the parents
– Keeping a notebook which goes back and forth with the children and which has information about their:
– schedule
– Problems
– Eating/diet
– Sleeping
– Cute stories
– New experiences
– Other information for the other parent
– Discipline – Not physical
– Education: Both parents may participate in school conferences, events & activities & may consult with teachers and other school personnel. Each parent may contact the school to receive grades, attendance, calendars, schedules, mailings and notices
– Agreed decision-making
– agreed Communication format
– Day-to-day decisions, including emergencies
– Both parents to have full access to school, medical and other records
– Dental care
– Disputes procedure
– Contact with the children went with the other parent
– Telephone (Including no eavesdropping/monitoring of such calls)
– Reasonable times to contact
– Mail, Including gifts
– Procedures to reinvolve a parent
– Childcare by other people
– Visitation for grandparents and extended family

Source: Alaska Court System


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