Parenting Plan – some questions to consider

What parenting decisions need our joint consultation?
• What parenting decisions don’t need consultation?
• How are we going to conduct ourselves in front of the children when we get together? We want them to know we are cooperating with them in mind.
• How are we going to share important information, eg school reports, health care?
• Do we need regular meetings to discuss parenting issues?
• At what times is it ok to call the other parent and when is it not?
• How will we resolve disagreements?
• Should we discuss how we talk to the children about the other parent?
• What do we do about emergencies (eg, medical, dental, accidents)?
• How will we make sure our children remain in contact with supportive friends or relations from the ‘other side’ of the family?
• How will we let each other know when a child is in trouble?
• What happens if one of us dies? Both?
• How will we introduce new partners to our children’s lives?


Source: Relationships Australia 2018


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