Young Adults – Work | Life | Retirement |

Young Adults – some tips/recommendations for you to consider
• Investigate and develop career/work options
and skills.
• Find work that offers or enhances intrinsic
rewards, such as feelings of competence, positive
self-esteem, autonomy, self-direction, and
intellectual challenges.
• For success in your field, cultivate mentoring
relationships and seek opportunities to gain
knowledge and skills that will allow you to
advance professionally.
• Acquire or continue to build technological
• If you are considering a career change, think
about the longer term implications (e.g., future
career growth opportunities, health benefits,
portability of retirement benefits).
• Master assertiveness skills that may be required
to deal with work demands that interfere with
career goals or work/family balance.
• Start saving for retirement. Having automatic
deductions directed to a retirement account is an
easy way to get started.

Source: American Psychological Association (2018) LIFE PLAN



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