Why do we yell? [Positive Parenting]

Why do we yell? [Positive Parenting]


– part of our limbic system/ fight or flight response system

– guilt follows once the PFC or prefrontal cortex is engaged (PFC is the thinking, planning, problem-solving & decision-making part of the brain)

– guilt can be a good motivator for change, if that is what one decides to do

– make a list if what triggers you (in this case to yell)

– keep a journal if this helps

– triggers are often accompanied by negative thought patterns, which in turn fuel frustration/anger & more negative thought patterns (the “vicious cycle”)

– take the “emotional charge” out of the thought by “re-framing” the negative thought pattern into something which is more manageable (for you) & more Helpful

– consistent “cognitive re-framing” over time will de-activate (& de-habituate) the emotional trigger

Source: http://www.positive-parents.org/2015/02/why-we-yell-and-how-to-stop.html?m=1


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