Anonymous article published in The Saturday Paper – “Bureaucratising disability”


  • a mother’s story about the former community mental health, and the new NDIS system
  • in the article she says community mental health support workers have been replaced by disability support workers.
  • She cites: “A report just released by Mental Health Victoria found about 91 per cent of the 150,000 or so people experiencing severe mental illness each year in Victoria won’t be eligible for the NDIS. But funding for community mental health services continues to roll into the NDIS, leaving many people without alternatives for crucial psychosocial supports.”
  • She notes: “Without exception, every single person I’ve contacted while attempting to advocate for my son has tried their best to make things work. But they are stymied by bureaucracy that can be overwhelming. I understand that the NDIS is wonderful for some people but, in my family’s experience, it hasn’t been designed for mental health. Something has to change, and we need to talk about it. People’s lives depend on it.”

This article was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on Jun 30, 2018 as “Bureaucratising disability “.  Go to the source for the full article




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