Making Healthy Choices to Mitigate Stress

  1. regular daily exercise
    1. helps to relieve blood pressure
    2. helps disperse adrenaline (byproduct of the stress response)
    3. helps reduce feelings of being wound up/on edge
    4. helps relaxation
      1. consider cycling, walking, exercise machine – several times a week (seek medical advice if appropriate)
  2. strengthen relationships
    1. make relationships a personal priority
      1. make an extra effort
      2. give extra time
  3. Find positive ways to let off steam
    1. rather than anger against others/ourselves
  4. Make room for difference
    1. be mindful of how stress exaggerates difference and conflict
  5. Learn to say “no” without the guilt
    1. say yes to things you can realistically achieve
  6. find a safe place to clear your head – a place where you can slow down and allow mind and body to rest
  7. reflect on what you most value
    1. this helps gain perspective and determine priorities

Source: Ashfield, 2007


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