Sources of Stress [Ashfield, 2007]

These include:

  • physical environment
    • sounds, weather, seasons, dangers moving/travelling
  • social environment
    • listening/interacting with others
    • work commitments
    • managing money
    • dealing with disagreement/conflict
    • responding to many competing demands
    • making decisions
    • solving problems
    • grieving losses of various kinds
    • relationships with significant others
    • community commitments
  • life transitions/physical changes as we grow older/mature
    • also when sick
    • inappropriate nutrition
    • lack of exercise
    • sleep disturbance
    • responses to our environment – Fight/Flight
      • muscle tension
      • headaches
      • stomach upset
      • raised blood pressure
      • anxiety
      • memory disturbance
  • Our thoughts/self-talk
    • how our brain interprets and makes sense of life events/challenges/tasks/experiences
      • when often negative – this creates stress
    • managing self-talk is under our control and is therefore a good form of stress management

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