Managing Stress

Managing Stress

–  emotional stress and acute distress have been identified as significant contributing factors to depression

– a stress-free life; however, is impossible/undesireable

Stress is associated with work, family, personal relationships, life changes, life challenges

– problems occur when people experience too much stress – particularly at one time

– When people are depressed, stress can worsen &/of prolong depression

Way to Manage Stress is therefore very important – consider some of these ways:

  1. Postpone major life changes
    1. do this where you can to reduce stress/upheaval
  2. Learn to relax
    1. Do things that help you relax
    2. Set aside regular time daily
    3. [augment with rest/sleep]
  3. Regular daily exercise
    1. Gentle (at least initially) so you can sustain and do safely
  4. Learn to say “no” & set priorities on you
    1. Have an activities plan and stick to it
    2. Take on less new commitments (from others where this is possible)
  5. Work on personal relationships
    1. Use ways to reduce tension/conflict
    2. More time on resolving issues/attend to social niceties

Source: Ashfield, 2007


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