9 Hidden Signs of Perfectionism

9 Hidden Signs of Perfectionism

– perfectionist implies negative connotations: hard task master; highly driven; control freak; uncompromising; relentless; (& very successful – in some cases)
– it comes with costs though, including:
– anger
– stress
– abrasiveness
– being seen as picky, rigid, over-controlling

Perfectionism is a misnomer.
Contrary to the name, most perfectionists are not driven by perfection, but rather by the avoidance of failure / fear of failure
– it is not about being perfect
– it is about never being good enough

Common characteristics of perfectionism include:
– doing things well, thoroughly & efficiently
– sweating the small stuff – sometimes good, other times no – for e.g. Tinkering so much nothing gets done or getting so into the weeds you lose the forest for the trees
– rigid beliefs – my way or the high way

1) you always look great or you wear same clothes all the time so,you do not have to waste time deciding what to wear
2) you keep ideas & projects to yourself until they are fully formed – & hate the half-baked
3) extensive keeping of lists, calendars & schedules
4) you find it hard to relax – you resent time spent on such activities
5) you can’t concentrate if your external environment is untidy
6) you procrastinate
7) decision-making methods:
– you take a long time to decide; or
– you are very decisive because you know the right way
8) you can’t delegate
9) you hate waste

Note:’the all or nothing features of perfectionism

Source: #marktaylorpsychology | Savvy Psychologist podcast | 22 June 2017


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