Green Daoism/Taoism

Green Daoism/Taoism

– about following the Dao not the Confucian social order within & between families
– the Dao – human beings are part of a broader, more natural way of being & a deep connection to the natural world
– in the West you are affiliated to one club or religion
– in Asia, you (as an everyday person – not a monk) can have multiple affiliations (except if you are a monk)
– china is concerned re allegiance & pan-national religions such as Catholicism & Islam
– Daoism is China’s only indigenous religion
– feng shui (a way of urban planning, not just positioning of furniture – energy of the natural world also flows through human beings) & Chinese medicine is part of Daoism
– in the West, we have developed the idea that human beings can “save the planet” – person interviewed believes such a belief stems from the idea that human beings are somehow superior to other forms of life (& even life itself) & that leads to the belief that human beings can engineer their way out of climate change/crisis through technology
– Daoist tradition: human life is embedded in something bigger than itself – the Dao or the way & that human flourishing depends upon the flourishing of the natural world
– he concedes that Western environmentalism seems like a faith (an absurd one) to climate sceptics & he believes they often feel their own religious values are under threat
– he cites an irrigation system built in the Schezuan Province at the same time as the Great Wall (it covers 5000 square km) and was built to use water overflowing from the Tibetan Plateau – harnessing the vital power of Nature for the benefit of humankind
– he notes there are Gods in the Daoist tradition (Gods are manifestations of the life force which generates the way for humans, Nature & … The Gods
– Daoist religion also postulates an after-life (& it is well-known for its funeral rituals), but it sees the human world as being fundamentally good – not something that has to be endured to arrive at paradise in some life after this
– Buddhism: the human world is a world of suffering

Source: ABC RN | Late Night Live | podcast date: 29 June 2017


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