– most common form: Alzheimer’s Disease
1) recent memory loss
– short-term memory loss issues – particularly an issue when it occurs regularly
2) difficulty performing familiar tasks [this is a particularly powerful warning sign]
– if this happens repeatedly, this alone can be a “good sign” to see your doctor
– it can also lead to loss of confidence/ desire not to do such familiar things anymore
3) language problems
– repeated difficulty with finding the right word to say
– & increased inability to find the right word to say later
– substituting the wrong word can also occur
4) disorientation of time & place
– going out & suddenly not knowing where you are
– going out to a familiar place & not knowing which direction to take
5) deteriorated judgment
– concentration/memory issues
– not exercising sound judgment when caring for others or being persuaded to take up inappropriate deals by salespeople
6) problems with calculations
– particularly an issue when maths was a previous strength
– can also manifest in not knowing which notes of currency to use when paying a bill
7) misplacing things
– particularly an issue when it occurs frequently & things are misplaced in inappropriate places
8) mood & behaviour changes
– mood swings from calm to sad for no apparent reason
– others can have a shift to a more constnt mood Tate – typically one which is withdrawn/ depressed while others can become happy-go-lucky suddenly
9) personality changes
– may become suspicious, fearful, apathetic, uncommunicative
– may become disinhibited or overly familiar
10) loss of initiative
– may become passive
– may not notice their living situation is dirty/untidy
– may stop taking care of house/themselves for fear of doing it wrong

Benefits of further assessment, early diagnosis (if applicable), commencement of a treatment regime, & ability to make plans for the future



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