There’s More to OCD than Hand-washing

There’s More to OCD than Hand-washing

– people with OCD have difficulties with unwanted thoughts
– OCD affects 500,000 Australians & manifests in many ways:
– intrusive thoughts
– intrusive images
– intrusive impulses
– anxiety is felt, with repetitive actions &/or thoughts to make anxiety Go away
– most people know about contamination anxiety leading to excessive hand washing
– but this is just one type
– more common rituals are harming/aggressive obsessions
– bad things happening to self or loved ones
– inappropriate sexual thoughts

Causes of OCD?
– personality
– temperament
– early upbringing
– things running in the family

– vast amounts of time are spent in rituals and this causes stress
– people are often embarrassed about seeking treatment

– accepting you can have thoughts in your head, but that you do not have to do anything with them

Some common compulsions include:
– skin picking
– hair pulling
– excessive cleaning – self/house
– checking things
– counting things

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