8 Tips to Remember What You Read [article]

8 Tips to Remember What You Read [article]
– students may have to read something several times before they “get it”

1. Read with a purpose
[helps person stay on task]
[Ask yourself: why am I reading this? Or Why does my teacher want me to read this?]
2. Skim first
– headings, pictures, graphs
– primes memory, orientates thinking, gives reader an overall sense of the whole
– depending on the purpose, slow down & read the relevant sections
3. Get the reading mechanics right first
– eyes have to move in a disciplined way (left-to-right sequence)
– make eye contact with the text
– see multiple words in each eye fixation
– aim to use 4 to 6 fixations per line & gradually work to reduce this number
– snap eye fixations from one line to the next/& columns
4. Being judicious in highlighting and notetaking
– just a few key words [watch too much; watch that highlighting does not become the focus of the exercise]
– how does it fit with the purpose
– stop & self-quiz to aid memory formation
5. Think in pictures
– easier to memorise
6. Rehearse as you go along
7. Stay with in your attention span and work to increase your attention span
8. Rehearse again soon


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