Dr Elaine Aron on the Highly Sensitive Person

Dr Elaine Aron on the Highly Sensitive Person

– an inherited trait in 20% of the population
– sensitivity is the opposite to Autism according to Aron
– she developed an HSP scale & lot of discussion about the Big 5 Personality Factors
– 30% of sensitive people are extroverts
– difficult in our culture for men to be seen as sensitive – there are stereotypes about what it is to be a man & feeling deeply can be seen as a weakness, particular if it is feeling sad
– sensitive men can suffer with low self-esteem, but can also be a great leader
– the meaning of life is to have deep conversations
– you can be a “quiet leader”
– she wrote a book: “The Highly Sensitive Person”
– issue of a “good-enough childhood”
– sensitive people:
– can be easily over-stimulated (& they learn to hide their emotional responsiveness from others)
– are particularly sensitive to subtle stimuli
– are prone to pause & check in a novel situation
– prefer to reflect on experience

Source: the Psychology Podcast / 18 January 2016


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