Confucius Says – What is it to be a person?

Confucius Says – What is it to be a person?

2 central ideas of Confucianism:
– a gentry way of living – being a model
– inter-generational transmission of values, traditions within families – morals have links to the everyday – to be a good citizen, family member, husband (everything is transactional & relationality not individual) – role ethics [association is a fact for everything we do as a human being – associations with environment; then you have roles which define who you are & your identity – you are thrown into roles]

Some other ideas:
– family – a place to be loved, & where you learn love
– be amiable, acquiesce
– hierarchy, but without coercion
– you “make” friends – therefore be demanding/be assertive
– criticism: what about the civil society?
– criticism: Confucianism – life is hierarchical

– it has been said Chinese wisdom has no need of God

Confucius – 1500 BCE

World today has an ideology of individualism (autonomous, free, self-willing individual goes back to Aristotle)
– program says this is a (pernicious) fiction, a construct
– adds to idea of winners & losers, of competition
– program guest argues relationality & inter-dependence are relevant to the 21st century west – to be a human in a different way – to pay attention & not take people for granted; inter-dependence; importance of family;
– argues for a progressive Confucianism for the world in the 21st century

Source: ABC RN All in the Mind | 30 April 2017


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