A deathly conversation Part Three

A deathly conversation Part Three

– Near Death Experiences are hyper-real & time perception changes/ often lights & presences in them & out of body [cross-cultural consistency]
– is there a neuroscientific/brain explanation?
– discussion with a neuroscience
– 2 definitions of death
1) circulatory system ceasing & it being irreversible
2) brain function ceasing & it being irreversible
– not known why , but brain activity can re-start (-as much as 1 hour to 2 hours later)
– heart transplants & anecdotal evidence of personality change
– different parts of brain stay alive longer than others
– NDE experiments with rats
– brain can be stimulated by electrodes to elicit emotions?
– music too can elicit sadness; joy
– physical activity is known to improve brain health

Source: ABC RN | the Philospher’s Zone | podcast date: 7 May 2017


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