There’s Far More Behind Suicidal Thoughts Than Mental Health

The main crisis issues — the focus issues of our brief interaction with these people — are as follows: family and relationship difficulties (about 25 percent); personal hardships including loneliness, a lack of purpose in life and struggles ‘fitting in’ to society (20 percent), employment, addictions, bereavement, finance and social exclusion (about 20 percent) and mental health (20 percent).

Regardless of what mental health issues surround a suicidal person, it is likely that the crisis state that they are experiencing is fuelled by specific negative life events such as relationship breakdown, or life-changing impacts such as a lack of employment, continuing discrimination, or background trauma.

While mental ill health is often a factor in suicidal ideation, (the latest ABS National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing, now more than five years old, found that 72 percent of those respondents who had serious thoughts about suicide also had a mental health issue) it is also the case that mental health issues are not always the presenting issue when a suicidal person puts out a call for help.




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