Mind the Brain

Mind the Brain

– competition between sensory processes – there is no Carteisan theatre
– “dualism seems to have become respectable again”
– Is consciousness a derivative of the brain? Sensory processes – there is no Carteisan theatre
– Philosophy agrees – the mind is the brain
– Cartesian dualism: Descartes – Separate the material world from the internal world remind And they interact through the pineal gland (This idea continues to persist today)
– The conclusion – our thoughts and feelings do not have an impact on how you behave
[this seems rather odd]

– science shows: our intuitions can often be wrong – including our mind is separate to the brain (the conscious mind & the brain are one & the same, but are perceived as being different – even though they are the same – the physical & the mental – the dualist way of thinking)
– in the 19th century, nervous energy was thought to be real & comprising of nervous force fields
David Chalmers – “the hard problem of consciousness”
– things going on in the brain
– why do some brain states generate feelings
– the material property is the conscious property (mind is physical / material & mental)

Source: ABCRN | The Philosopher’s Zone | Podcast date: 25 January 2015


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