1. I am loved.

2. I believe in me.

3. I am generous.

4. I accept and love myself.

5. I am unique.

6. I am wonderfully made.

7. I am creative.

8. Challenges are opportunities to grow.

9. Good things happen to me.

10. I am loving.

11. I am kind.

12. I am strong.

13. I am joyful.

14. I care about others.

15. I am important.

16. I like myself.

17. It’s going to be a great day.

18. I learn from my mistakes.

19. I make friends easily.

20. I am worthy.

21. I am open to new experiences.

22. I am beautiful.

23. I am energetic.

24. I am deserving of good things.

25. I am grateful.

26. I am confident.

27. I love who I am.

28. I am compassionate.

29. I am responsible.

30. I’m a leader.

31. I believe in my dreams.

32. I am brave.

33. I choose a positive attitude.

34. I am enough.

35. I’m great just the way I am.

36. I’m a hard worker.

37. I am happy.

38. I am compassionate.

39. I radiate joy and love.

40. I am honest.

41. I am patient.

42. I help my family.

43. I am a great brother/sister/son/daughter.

44. I am forgiving of others and of myself.

45. I can achieve my goals.

46. I make good decisions.

47. I am diligent.

48. I am thoughtful.

49. I am talented.

50. I respect myself and I respect others.

Source: 2017 Eanes, R.


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