7 Ways to Improve Your Self-Control

7 Ways to Improve Your Self-Control

Prefrontal cortex (just behind forehead) is area of the brain primarily responsible for managing impulses
– self-control is about saying “no” to the easy things (even though they can be incredibly difficult to say no to) & doing the hard/difficult thing instead. For e.g. Eating an apple, not the hamburger; talking nicely to someone rather than aggressively; going to bed rather than staying up; doing the anxiety-provoking task
1) do the hard stuff in the morning
– known as the morning morality effect (but also depends on which part of the day you are most productive)
2) change the environment to change your behaviour
– remove temptations – this sets you up for success
– resisting temptations are also more difficult when you are tired,stressed for hungry
3) track your progress
– use diaries to monitor
– the observer effect – when you pay attention, things are less likely to slide
4) watch yourself
5) externalise time
– set timers & reminders to help you get tasks done which need to be done (they can get you back on track if/when required)
6) allow yourself your distractions – just not now – I will do them later
– notice this “flips” the problem around for you & does not involve denial/sacrifice
7) (sometimes) just let go
– & let yourself follow your impulses (this weakens their hold, & their management is less reliant on will) – particularly when you are tired & need rest

Source: Savvy Psychologist Podcast | 21 April 2017


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