7 Remedies for Feeling Overwhelmed & Not being able to Function

7 Remedies for Feeling Overwhelmed & Not being able to Function

– the brain sees threat – of scarcity, of not having enough time, of not being able to fit everything in or it sees the threat of failure, of disappointing others, of being incapable
– our bodies also a react to threat in the same way – Fight, Flight, Freeze
– Flight is often procrastination (Includes attending to tasks that do not really matter, -attending to other distractions – Such as checking email, surfing the Internet)
– breathing, walking can be useful – but consider these:
1) ground yourself in the present
– use 5,4,3,2,1 [work through your five senses: 5 things you can see; 4 things you can hear; 3 things you can touch; 2 things you can smell; 1 thing you can taste]
– this grounds you in your senses (to be present) & it interrupts your spinning thoughts (this is mini-mindfulness in action)
2) clean-up your immediate surroundings (nothing big, just the area within arm’s reach)
– outer order / inner calm
– it gives you a mini-accomplishment & facilitates greater focus on the task at hand
3) ruthlessly prioritise
– stick to only the things that need to get done
– cut out everything that “should” be done [until order is restored, give yourself permission to cut out all the “shoulds”
4) stop accidentally multi-tasking
– remember our brains are not really designed to do two or three things at once
– instead we “toggle” between various tasks
– beware of all the “toggling” / shifting of attention & eliminate
– the aim is to do one thing at a time, at least until you feel less frantic
5) take the next tiny step
– remember only you need to know that you are inching forward
– if it helps, narrate your way through your tiny tasks – helps keep you on track; aids motivation; & can be further boosted by self-encouragement such as: don’t worry, it is totally normal
6) follow your impulses (sort of)
– don’t do what the impulse tells you, but rather jot them down on a sticky note as you have them
– this acknowledgment of the impulse can sometimes be enough to neutralise it [when you get better at this & more confident – just think it /acknowledge it to yourself instead]
7) Rethink your to do list & reduce when overwhelmed
– Chunk like with like [All phone calls together; All online tasks together etc.,]
– By being more efficient, you will be less overwhelmed
– Write out your list in accordance with your schedule
– Creative tasks in the morning
– More administrative tasks when tired in the afternoon
– Consider trying the Eisenhower Matrix (Tasks are ordered on the basis of importance and urgency)

Source: Savvy Psychologist Podcast | 14 April 2017


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