Helpful hints for managing stress

Helpful hints for managing stress

1) Work out priorities
– Make a list
– Keep tasks doable
– Prioritise and tick off as completed
– Remember to include important people and relationships
2) Identify your stress situations
– Make a list of situations that drain you emotionally
– Include one or two stress reduction strategies to defuse such situations
– Review and improve for next time
3) Learn to reframe statements – Do not react to imagined insults
– As a rule of thumb, give people the benefit of the doubt
– Use CBT to thought dispute or talk over with a friend (to see if there is another perspective)
4) Think before you commit yourself to other people’s expectations
– Sometimes we do tasks merely to please others
– Practice saying no to tasks that are unreasonable or are more than you can handle
– journal &/or talk over with a friend
5) Move on – do not dwell on past mistakes
– Feelings of regret, guilt, remorse cannot change the past
– Such feelings can drain you of vital energy
– Make a conscious effort to do something to change your mood (Mindfulness; Something / some activity you enjoy
– Develop strategies for next time
– Practice forgiving yourself for past mistakes
6) Learn to defuse anger and frustration is rather than bottle them up
– Express and discuss your feelings
– Plan for physical activity at the end of the day (after an experience that has angered/frustrated/stressed you)
– Let go of grudges (the person who is the subject of them often does not know, and it causes you anxiety)
7) Set aside time each day for exercise and recreation
– Find exercise that suits you best
– Hobbies are also good stress relievers (particularly if not related to your occupation)
– potential opportunity for new friendships
8) Take your time – do not let people rush you
– Request time to orientate yourself
– At work, ask people to wait until you’ve had time to think about it
– Plan ahead to arrive at appointments early
– practice approaching situations mindfully
9) Take your time on the road – Do not be an aggressive car driver
– develop an I can’t be ruffled attitude when driving
– drive defensively / give way to bullies
– near misses / being caught for speeding causes stress
– practice diaphragmatic breathing when in traffic
10) Help children and young people to deal with stress
– children need to faced with problems, so they can learn to cope (& develop confidence)
– watch intervening too soon
11) Think positively – You get what you expect
– smile when possible
– visualise success & draw on those memories when going into stressful situations
12) Cut down on drinking, smoking, sedatives, stimulants
– these are only ever temporary & can make things worse
– instead look for the effects (sedation, stimulation) you are seeking & see if there are other healthier ways to achieve it

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