Self talk for decreasing anger

Self talk for decreasing anger

– I do not need to prove myself in this situation. I can stay calm
– As long as I keep my cool I am in control of myself
– No need to do that myself; What other people say does not matter; I am the only person who can make me mad or keep me calm
– My anger is a signal. It is time to talk to myself and relax.
– I do not need to feel threatened here.
– Nothing says I have to be confident and strong all the time. It’s okay to feel unsure or confused.
– It’s impossible to control other people and situations. The only thing I can control is myself and how I express my feelings.
– It’s okay to be uncertain or insecure sometimes. I do not need to be in control of everything and everybody.
– If people criticise me, i can survive that. Nothing says I have to be perfect.
– If this person wants to go off the wall,,that’s their thing. I do not need to respond to their anger or feel threatened.
– It is okay to walk away from a fight.
– It’s nice to have other people’s love and approval, but even without it I can still accept & like myself
– It is okay to make mistakes.
– People are going to act the way they want to, not the way I want them to
– I feel angry and that must mean I have been hurt, scared or have some other threatening feeling underneath the anger



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