5 Ways to Overcome Fear of Failure (social, career, romantic etc.,)

5 Ways to Overcome Fear of Failure (social, career, romantic etc.,)

1) be specific
– fear is worse when it is vague (& all encompassing)
– define what it specifically means for you
2) answer your “what if?” Questions
– what would you do
– how would you cope?
– who would comfort/support you
– this leads to a plan
3) stop visualising success (on its own)
– studies show this Is helpful – idealised images suggest less investment of time (alone this is fantasising)
– instead mental contrasting & picture the obstacles as well – more realistic
– you need energy & motivation to succeed
4) rollback the pressure
– watch for excessive expectations
– aim for experiences: learn, try, mastering rather than just the quantitative end point
5) remember the difference between failing & being a failure
– fear of failure is often about fear of being a failure (which is permanent & irredeemable
– the experience of failure is always temporary & you get the opportunity to learn & grow
– failure is not an end, but a stop-over

Source: Savvy Psychologist podcast | 20 Jan 17

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