Anger Management Guide – How to live well

Did you know that anger is a normal human emotion and can serve useful purposes when controlled or directed productively? However, did you also know, that when anger gets out of control and becomes the habitual, or “go to” (also known as an “anger trap”), response to everyday events, it can very quickly become a problem. A big problem. Such anger – when out of control, or directed towards others in non-productive ways – can not only impact one’s health, but also destroy relationships and have wide-ranging negative effects on others.

  1. I work with many clients who see me for anger-related difficulties.  I am very interested in the area, professionally, and thought it time I wrote a guide that is easy to read, evidence-based, and above all else helpful for parents, adolescents, adults, veterans, education workers and practitioners in the field of psychology and social work.


If you understand and recognise that you have an anger problem (or that someone you know or love does), the goal is to manage the anger more effectively and flexibly so that it does not impact on your own life or those of others while also achieving outcomes in areas you wish to achieve outcomes.

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