Balancing Work, Kids & a Relationship

Balancing Work, Kids & a Relationship

– Marriage is a lifetime event
– looks also at spouses/partners who work (employment-wise) together
– rules about bringing work home
– e.g. No tech in the bedroom
– time for a break to pursue a hobby
– electric-fence business talk (schedule time-off), but be flexible
– find time to dedicate to the relationship
– remind each other (gently) of “rules” that have been agreed
– rules for date nights too

– people who come home stressed
– managing time & energy
– be mindful of being your best self when you come home
– meditation / mindfulness can be useful to calm yourself down after work & gain perspective (while also not taking work stress home)
– health and fitness can be useful too so as to restore energy

– try to be home for the kids & spend time with them
– be present / be all there / scheduling time-off to bond with the children


Source: Relationship Advice Pod cast / 10 January 2017


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