How to stop negative thoughts from getting you down

How to stop negative thoughts from getting you down

1) Don’t be a ruminant
– It leads to increased anxiety, depression and a sense of helplessness
2) Come up with alternatives
– Consciously challenge negative thoughts
– Try to view negative experiences as unlucky situations that are neither personal nor permanent
[This is called “learned optimism”: Martin Seligman]
– Try defensive pessimism
– Come up with the worst case scenario and then also come up with actual strategies to avoid it
3) Dispute your own negative thoughts
– Recognise them
– Question them
– Would anyone who cares about you ever really say that?
– Are they rational?
– Would a mantra like “this too shall pass” work for you?
4) Practice ABCDE
5) Do you not suppress negative thoughts / They can be a powerful motivator & teacher
6) Watch compare and despair
7) Take action
8) Journal
– 20 minutes writing about something that is stressing you can actually help you think about it less
9) Say the negative thought or phrase out loud for a minute to let the word loses its meaning
– Cognitive defusion
10) feel alone or rejected, take a warm bath
11) change setting


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