Taking Responsibility (even for the small things)

Taking Responsibility (even for the small things)

– excuses; projecting blame; denial/lying;
– environment – can be a reason – particularly where culture at work is not healthy & is one of blame
– is it socially learned? From the environment you live in now, work in now, grew up in as a child (family of origin – secure attachment? Early childhood disruption? – less empathy for others, less care when you hurt another’s feelings – it is not psychopathy
– so anxious about getting into trouble – leads to a person lying – because of the relationship & worried about losing a relationship/being abandoned
– children often believe things happen – good & bad – because of them (for e.g. Parents separating)
– when kids are punished, the parents can be explicit about distancing themselves from their child (this can persist – unconsciously – into adulthood)
– can be a sign of depression – an example of self-sabotage – including not being able to do small tasks such as chores
– can be a sign a person lacks skills to handle conflict / being assertive (lacks communication skills)
– can be a sign of someone being resentful & that there is anger / dissatisfaction being expressed/emphasised in the small things
– could be a systems explanation – the way two people come together to handle situations & interact (not taking responsibility could be resentment linked to other unresolved issues – but this is the issue that one person calls the other person out on)
– snapping can mean there is a whole range of other pent-up, unresolved stuff rather than the trigger that led to the outbreak – the “where did that come from?” moment

Source: Psychology in Seattle Podcast | 16 February 2017

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