Get The Same Amount Of Work Done In Less Time

The main points to be considered are:

  • Work out what should be your non negotiables that don’t incude work, such as exercise, food preparation, time out.
  • Book in your tasks that support you and allow you to thrive like they are essential, important meetings.
  • Use your diary to take ownership of your day.
  • Plan ahead and don’t exist day to day. Book in and commit to what makes you happy and makes you feel confident in life.

Getting started on making changes (and prioritising yourself) can seem overwhelming. Start with these easy and instant tweaks:

  • Create some space in your diary. Block out time for yourself, to work on yourself and do what you need to feel back on control.
  • Challenge yourself to have technology-free lunches.
  • Learn the art of breath. Learn to breathe properly, to gain back some calmness and balance and refuel your body with oxygen.
  • Reconnect with people. Talk to people and work on your friendships to fuel the soul again.
  • Look at it like this: There are 72 x 20 minutes blocks every day. You can easily take just one of these for yourself.

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