6 Ways to Build Resilience

6 Ways to Build Resilience

Resilience is adapting & responding positively to stress & adversity
– it is all about how you respond
– noting some detractors of resilience talk about systemic injustice [of course this should be considered & taken into account]

Resilience is a skill rather than a trait – that is, something you either do or do not have

So how to achieve:
1) give yourself permission to feel how you feel
[this is different to empty – albeit well-intentioned slogans – such as when life serves you lemons, make lemonade, or when one door closes, another opens]
– note: resilience does not mean you never get discouraged

2) trust that you control your fate
– Kawai study over 40 years – despite low SES start to life & unstable home life, 1 in 3 had jobs, were not in trouble with the law, & were confident in themselves
– why was this so? Luck; having one stable family member to look after them; finding emotional support in the community (church, volunteerism, a friend’s parent); having an internal “locus of control” – that is they controlled their life, rather than being controlled by whatever life “dished out” to them
– do this by acting/taking action

3) if you do not know what to do, look to your values & ethics which gives rise to resilience

4) recharge with exercise & rest
– exercise on good & bad days is resilience in action
– it relieves stress & promotes mood/sleep

5) – set realistic educational & career goals
– challenge, aim high but be fair & reasonable to yourself

6) tell your friends & others you trust about how you are
– helps prevent burn-out

Source: Savvy Psychologist Podcast date: 27 Jan 17


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