Common symptoms of depression

Common symptoms of depression
– Not going out any more
– Not getting things done at work/school
– Withdrawing from close family and friends
– Relying on alcohol & sedatives
– Not doing usual enjoyable activities
– Unable to concentrate

– Overwhelmed
– Guilty
– Irritable
– Frustrated
– Lack confidence
– Unhappy
– Indecisive
– Disappointed
– Miserable
– Sad

– I am a failure
– It is my fault
– Nothing good ever happens to me
– I am worthless
– Life is not worth living
– People would be better off without me

– Tired all the time
– Sick and rundown
– Headaches and muscle pains
– Churning gut
– Sleep problems
– Loss or change of appetite
– Significant weight loss or gain

Source; Understanding Anxiety and Depression | Beyond Blue


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