The five love languages

The five love languages

1) Words of affirmation
– Compliments (Powerful motivator)
– Words of appreciation
– Words of encouragement
– Empathy – See the world from your spouse’s perspective
– Words of kindness

2) Quality time
– she/he doesn’t really hate your job/hobby – she/he hates the fact that he/she feels so little love coming from you
– Focused attention
– Quality conversation
– Listening is important
– Quality activities

3) Receiving gifts
– Visual symbols of love are more important to some people than others
– Sometimes the best gift can be the gift of self
– Chapman notes: If the physical presence of your spouse is important to you, I urge you to verbalise this to your spouse

4) acts Of service
– No one likes to be forced to do anything – love is always freely given
– Chapman notes: Spouses often wonder what they are to their spouse – their doormat or lover?

5) Physical touch
– Coming up with new ways to touch can be exciting
– Physical touch is important in times of crisis

– Chapman Notes: Each of the love languages is Vulnerable to insincere manipulation
– they also require genuine commitment & understanding
– love is ultimately a choice in Chapman’s view

Source: Chapman, 2015


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