Supporting teenagers with depression (for parents)

Supporting teenagers with depression (for parents)

– Be sensitive; Instead of talking, just listen without leaping in with advice
– Go with them to their appointments if they would like; maybe make time for a coffee / other drink afterwards
– Try to make things a little easier for them: Offer them a lift to the library if they are studying; Support them with some resources; Help with Internet searches, printing etc; Discuss strategies for time management – Try to spot and relieve other stressors;
– Encourage them to exercise & make time for it;
– Do something together that might be a shared interest – Start a photo album; Encourage them to keep a box of their special things (Awards, cards from friends & family, mementoes etc.,)
– Help them to recognise the triggers and early warning signs of a mood swing – Then agree on a course of action – do not ignore the signs

Source: Parker & Eyers (2009) Published by Blackdog Institute

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