– It is not about having an abundance of talent, intelligence or beauty
– It is not about “having” anything at all
– Self-esteem is about being happy about being yourself
– Based on bio psycho social determinants as well as personality

Ideas to boost self-esteem
– Remind yourself you are loved
– Remind yourself you are good
– Remind yourself that the words people say about you are not who you are
– You are special and unique just for being who you are
– The world needs all kinds of people with all kinds of talents: helpers, fixers, peacemakers, artists etc.,
– Be your own best self
– Remember no one is the best in everything
– Be your own best friend
– Do this by taking good care of yourself (Diet, sleep, being safe)
– Ignore the voice inside you that might say “i can’t do this”
(It may or may not be right, but you will not know until you try – you can always learn &/or ask for help)
– Be a friend to others (Share, Take turns, Encourage, Remember people’s names, Say hello, Try to do something kind for someone else every day)
– When things in your life change remind yourself about the things above or talk to your parents or people you love
– Love your family – try some of the following ideas:
– Help your parents (Do chores)
– Help your siblings (Teach them things)
– Remind yourself everybody makes mistakes
– When you do – be honest about your mistakes and say “I’m sorry” right away
– Trying to make up for what you did
– Remember to forgive yourself for your mistakes
– If you get mad at yourself slow down and take a deep breath
– Ask yourself what you are mad about, & if you need to take a break before going back to whatever you were doing before & get help if you need it
– Remember everyone has a bad day sometimes
– Sometimes it can be good just to say this out loud
– Try problem-solving
– Recall the good days & know that bad days are like bad weather – they go in time
– Be true to you
– Stick up for yourself
– If someone is mean to you, tell that person you do not like to be treated that way
– if they keep bothering you, do not pay attention or tell an adult
– play with friends that make you feel good
– If you feel someone is treating you unfairly – even a grown-up – tell that person
– When someone is mad at you – listen to what she/he is saying – try to understand her/his feelings & try to work out the problem together

Source: Adams & Butch, 2001

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