Self-Concept Inventory:

Self-Concept Inventory:

What are as many words or phrases you can use to describe yourself in the following areas?

  1. Physical appearance. Include descriptions of your height, weight, facial appearance, quality of skin, hair, style of dress and descriptions of your body.
  2. How do you relate to others? Include descriptions of your strengths and weaknesses in intimate relationships and in relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and how you relate to strangers in social settings
  3. Describe your positive and negative personality traits.
  4. How do other people see you? Describe the strengths and weaknesses that you believe your friends and family see?
  5. Performance at school or on the job. Include descriptions of the way you handle the major tasks at work or school.
  6. Performance of daily tasks of life. Areas include: hygiene, health, maintenance of your living environment, food preparation, caring for your children, and any other ways you take care of personal or family needs.
  7. Mental functioning. Include here an assessment of how well you reason and solve problems, your capacity for learning and creativity, your general fund of knowledge, your areas of special knowledge, wisdom you have acquired, your insights etc.,
  8. Write down how you see and feel about yourself as a sexual person.

Be sure to include strengths and weaknesses.

Now, let’s revise the weaknesses. That is – re-write them according to the following four rules:

  • Use non-self-critical language/put downs – i.e. get rid of the negative labels
  • Use accurate language – don’t exaggerate or embellish – just accurately describe
  • Use language that is specific, not general – get rid of words such as “everything”, “always”, “never”, “completely”; also say where/when specific problems occur
  • Find exceptions, or corresponding strengths

Review your strengths – celebrate them daily by:

  • Daily affirmations
  • Reminder signs (at home, work, on your person/phone)
  • Recall actual examples of when you demonstrated your strengths


Source: McKay & Fanning (2016)


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