Early warning signs of suicidality

Early warning signs of suicidality

– Expressing feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
– a drop in school performance
– Painting, drawing or writing about suicide
– Giving away personal possessions
– Talking about suicide or saying things such as “I wish I were dead” or “what’s the point of going on”
– Mentioning ways of killing themselves, and a plan
– Talking about letting others down
– Talking about feeling trapped
– Leaving organised activities
– Expressions of rage, anger, revenge
– Abnormal sleep patterns
– Dramatic changes in mood
– Withdrawing from friends
– Neglecting themselves
– Engaging in risky, self-destructive behaviour
– Sudden unexplained cheerfulness following a long period of sadness or anger

Source: Parker & Eyers (2009) Published by Blackdog Institute


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