Emotions: cerebral hemispheres & prefrontal cortex

Emotions: cerebral hemispheres & prefrontal cortex

– the cerebral cortex plays a role in emotions
– researchers using EEGs have found positive emotions elicit more electrical activity on the left side of the brain & negative emotions tend to elicit more electrical activity on the right side or hemisphere of the brain
– this has also been found with respect to being sociable/isolative (same hemispheres as above had more electrical activity – sociable: Left | isolative: Right
– the PFC is right behind your forehead (higher order functions – thinking, planning, deciding, communicating; choosing how to behave)
– the PFC undergoes the greatest amount of development after birth
– the amygdala causes fear, anxiety, anger & aggression
– the PFC inhibits & regulates how you respond to what the amygdala communicates

Source: Khan Academy @ https://www.khanacademy.org/science/health-and-medicine/executive-systems-of-the-brain/emotion-2014-03-27T18:40:38.294Z/v/emotions-cerebral-hemispheres-and-prefrontal-cortex

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