Leaves on a Stream [Mindfulness Script]

Publication2ZMLeaves on a Stream [Mindfulness Script]
– allows you to be more mindful & accepting of thoughts

This exercise asks you to watch your thoughts for a few minutes

Close your eyes and picture a stream

The stream has trees around it and leaves can fall from the trees into the stream, & float by you

When you notice a thought arise in your mind…

Picture it as a leaf & watch it fall into the stream & float away

Some thoughts will appear as words, some as pictures or images,

Whatever form your thoughts take, picture them as leaves and watch them fall into the street and float away

Don’t try & control your thoughts or fight with your thoughts – just notice, just witness the thoughts… after all the mind is a thought-generating machine…

You might find yourself thinking: I have no thoughts – That is a thought – picture it as a leaf & watch it fall & float away on the stream

Sometimes you will find yourself thinking more about the thought – that is ok & to be expected – there is no need for judgment or self-criticism – simply acknowledge & accept when you become aware, let the thought go like a leaf on the stream – watch it float away

Bring your attention back to the breath and notice what thoughts come into conscious, & when you notice – simply let them go like leaves down a stream

You may notice thoughts about this exercise, such as: I can’t do this.

Thank your mind, then let the thought go like a leaf floating away down the stream

Your mind may wander – that is ok – when you become aware, come back in the present by focusing on the breath – then let the thought go… Like a leaf on a stream

& when you are ready, return to the room by slowly opening your eyes & re-acquainting yourself with your present-moment experience

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